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The World's Strongest Commercial Anti-Aging Products!

Anyone over 25 years old can use with great benefits. Activates the Human Endocrine System. Feeds and nourishes the Human Autonomic System. Feeds on a cellular level the 60,000 miles of arteries, veins and capillaries in the human body. Feeds the human brain on a cellular level. This is the strongest retail commercial anti-aging drink in the world. 

All Vital Boost products are FOB Portland, Oregon.  Free delivery to the Portland/Vancouver metro areas.



 1 Quart - $30


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 1 Month - Full Dosage


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 3 Months - Full Dosage


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 Vital Boost + 
(with a tart flavor)
12 oz. - $13.35


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The Vital Boost has two virulent, distinct, life forms living together in symbiotic harmony. At 39 to 41 degrees the life forms go dormant. So needs be kept refrigerated until used.


The Vital Boost is manufactured using quantum chemistry and advanced bacterial methodologies. The average American's neurons are undernourished. Our proprietary 100% organic vegetable based Blood Brain Barrier Breaker is revolutionary and delivers needed nutrients on a cellular level directly into the brain. We target and revitalize the human brains Medulla Oblongata. We target, activate and nourish on a cellular level all of the human bodies Endocrine glands. Targeted proprietary beneficial Probiotic bacteria carry nutrients into the intestine walls. 

Your Endocrine glands secrete hormones tailored to your specific body directly into the blood stream. 

1. Memorize the Endocrine organs and glands. 
2. Memorize the Autonomic Nervous system.
3. Think and live healthy. Start using the Vital Boost. 
4. Unicorn Horn has developed other beauty and natural health products.
5. The Champion juicer and Unicorn Horn's raw food Phytochemical formula's allow people who wish to reach full spectrum while using the Vital Boost within 3 to 4 months. 


6. Unicorn Horn has invented the "Cure" which is our most profoundly healing and amazing product. Going onto the "Cure" demands that the Human Endocrine system is activated prior.
a. The Cure gently dissolves Plaque inside the Human Cardiovascular System.
b. The Cure changes your blood chemistry.
c. 98% of all heart disease starts with plaque.
d. The Cure triggers the bodies caregiver response.
e. The Cure shuts off the food supply to diabetes.
f. The Cure shuts off the food supply to cancers.
g. The Cure targets fat which is broken down and consumed. 



Current Vital Boost capacity is 45 quarts every 15 days. We will provide 10% of our capacity as customer incentives. 

My laboratory can have 8 deliveries out per day maximum, per Tualatin home based business codes. Unicorn Horn Inc. provides a local delivery vehicle. 

The Vital Boost retails for $30 per quart. The Vital Boost Tart retails for $31 per quart. The Vital Boost products must remain refrigerated and not exposed to radiation of any sort. When consumed sun and oxygen exposure needs to be kept at a minimum. 

These are 100% natural products that have not gone through clinical testing and are not FDA approved to be used to treat any ailment. FDA testing and approval to use to treat medical conditions often costs $300 to $500 million dollars. The pharmaceutical companies have a monopoly on FDA approvals and even pay FDA salaries and hire them once officers leave the FDA. Pharmaceutical companies make over a trillion dollars a year just with cancer drugs and treatments. Heart disease here in America kills 1 million American's annually, which is more deaths then cancer, diabetes and all other diseases combined! There are very deep pockets that do not want to see people not using their patented and very profitable pharmaceuticals. Curing Heart Disease, Diabetes, Obesity and some cancers is not in their best interests. 

Go onto Dr. Mercola's website and study his efforts to pass California's recently failed proposition #37. 


Access to Netflix: 


Here are 7 netflix available movies that all customers should watch: 
1. Food, Inc. 
2. Burzynski 
3. Dirt: The Movie
4. The Beautiful Truth 
5. Carbon Nation 
6. Food Matters 
7. Forks Over Knives 

I have invented these products but am not as brave as Dr. Mercola, Dr. Burzyski or Dr. Herbert Shelton. I wish no conflict with vested powers that control America's political and economic system. 

Healthy life Style, Exercise and Natural Health Products. 

Unicorn Horn Inc.
Founded in 1990
A Home Based Small Business