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City Front Yard Farmers 2014
by BJoy

We have been growing a small garden in the side yard for over twenty years. This year we decided to make raised beds out of repurposed materials in the front and back yards. Here is our story of growing food in the city.

This year we decided to be the first on our block to grow food in the front yard.

There was wood left over from house repairs last year and the front of the house has southern exposure so we decided to make a raised bed for food in the front yard.

First step was to cut the sod out in the triangle shape of the bed. Then we dug down a couple of feet to loosen the soil. Next was attaching the boards together and filling the bed with a mix of soil, steer manure and top soil. We bought small starts at an organic nursery and planted tomatoes, peppers, herbs and a variety of squash.

We harvested over 70 pounds of tomatoes and 30 pounds squash. We are still using the herbs and have infused peppers into most of our meals. It was a delight to go shopping in the front yard for dinner! The best part is our neighbors came by and liked what we did and we were able to share food with them. Maybe next year some of them will try to grow food in their front yards too!


Here is a before the raised bed garden in our front yard, We are located about 25 blocks from City center here in Portland, Oregon.


 Here is the Front Yard after we have built and planted the triangle raised bed garden.


Here are some of our tomatoes.