Unicorn Horn   


A small Home Based Research and Development Company





The world's most economical, Low Heat, Full Spectrum grow system to run, operate and maintain.


Directed and focused mini watt LED


We are conducting tests and hope to prove our theories on plant absorption of mini LED wattage versus anything else in the world. We are running our tests and expect results within a year.









Unicorn Horn's Ongoing Research 

We are actively researching and are leading edge in the development of herbal, vitamin and amino acid compounds that allow easier human aging and resistance to cancer, heart disease and Diabetes. 




We are remodeling our website.


Eliminated technical information & photos related to past and present R&D projects.


Prototype 1

Solar Voltaic Roof Cap with Inline 360 degree swivel mini Wind Generators.

Purpose develop do it yourself, economical roof cap that generates both wind and solar energy.

New technology in Solar voltaic allow the roof cap portions at any given length.

New technology in mini generators allows for the roof crest 5 inch propeller driven mini wind turbines.



  1. Pay back in 1 to 2 years from electricity generated savings.

  2. Market nationally through Home Depot and LOWs Stores.




Prototype 2

Two Stage Rain Water Storage with Solar Water Pumps. Water Ram into mini turbine generator. Excellent for locations that get good amounts of rain.

      1. Solar day time water pumps deliver water from larger bottom tank to 1/2 sized smaller top tank.

        1. Delivers Direct Currant into the home inverter system.

        2. Top tank is fitted with two bottom garden hose sprockets.

          1. Solar pump assist to provide excellent day time water pressure.

          2. During daylight can provide the cold water portion of showers or baths.

          3. Can provide the water for toilet usage.

          4. Stored water tank can generate electric water pump power by by releasing water into mini turbine system.

          5. Can provide all a homes needs for cold water portion of showers or baths and toilet usage.

          6. Provides water for yard and garden.

          7. Small Scale Solar Distillery provides excellent but limited drinking water.

      1. 15ft vertical drop

      2. Water Ram assist

      3. Miniaturized water turbine

      4. 15ft Aperture reduction into mini turbine. 

    1. Auto Reset

      1. As soon as top tank is full the tank releases the water and the mini turbine generates power.

      2. New Solar Voltaic industrial water pump technology.

      3. Shorten generation bursts to 100 gallon near sunset so the upper tank would be full come dark.

      4. Represents stored Solar Energy for night time use

        1. No batteries involved!

      5. Solar Voltaic tank cladding provides low volt direct energy during daylight.

        1. Runs to home water pump during daylight hours.


  1. Pay back in 2 to 5 years from electricity generated savings and water utilization savings.

  2. Market nationally through Home Depot and LOWs Stores.