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Ear Candling Goals Booklet

 Goals Booklet         

The goals involved in the correct use of ear candles and the ultimate benefits derived from ear candling are set forth in this booklet.

Ear candling is not a new fad. The Chinese candled, so did the Egyptians and segments of the American Indians and the Mayans. So candling has been around in various forms for thousands of years and has been used for different purposes, ranging from initiation rights of the Mayans to the American Indians blowing herbal smoke through straws into the ears for earaches. The anti-Viet Nam war crowd, the longhairs and the Flower Children all candled.


Many benefits can be derived from candling correctly. One such benefit is toning your eardrum. Skin divers are using ear candles to tone their eardrums so they can go further under water and adjust to the pressure faster and better. Another benefit is that with essential herbs included in the candle mix, the smoke going into your ears will contain the qualities of those herbs. Thus the smoke itself could benefit and help in medicinal fashions.

Wholelistic Approach to Candling


Unicorn Horn has found that by using beneficial herbs in the ear candles and by using ear oils made with special essential herbal oils and special ear wash from essential oils and pure herbal extracts, that ears feel refreshed and hearing is keener in many cases. Unicorn Horn's 25 Step approach to ear candling treats the sinus cavities and the ear canal and is very relaxing. Our ear oils and wash are specially formulated to use in conjunction with our ear candles or by themselves. We recommend that the oil with the same ingredients as are in the candle be used with that candle as the pre-candling oil. Garden Delight Ear Oil is the post candling oil for our candles, as it dissolves beeswax residue. All of our candles and oil combinations are designed to be used in three treatments — one set of candles every two weeks for six weeks; follow the 25 Steps Candling Instructions. Use the same combination for the full six weeks to get the maximum benefit. Wait six weeks before re-candling.


Garden Delight Ear Oil. Use between candlings to keep earwax soft. Soothes and heals an earache. A wonderfully mild healing oil. Can be used on children. This oil is a very good earwax softener. We recommend this as our post candling oil for all types of ear candles. This oil dissolves beeswax residue, which makes it the perfect post ear candling oil. Can be used on the scalp. Is a very good hand lotion? Smells good.

Standard Herb Oil. Use for skin problems and earache. Antiseptic, antifungal, anti-itch, slightly anti-bacterial. Excellent for earaches, this oil is formulated to be used in the ear. It is our number one choice for most earaches. This is our best all-around herb oil. Use on burns, scalds, scrapes, chigger bites, and most skin problems. It can be used on the skin for bug bites and will stop mosquito bites from itching, will soothe any bug bite or sting and is an effective bug repellent. No camping trip should be without this oil. Can be useful on poison oak and ivy.

Herbal Magic Ear Wash. Use just before Standard Herb Oil for ear infections and earaches. Anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-infective. Excellent ear wash. Kills germs, disinfects. If used after a swim, prevents swimmer's ear. Use for cuts or scrapes, swimmer's ear, sore gums, diaper rash, bedsores, mouthwash and gargle (do not choke and get into lungs and swallow).


Maleleuca Bazooka Ear Oil. Use for infections and earaches. Antifungal, antiseptic. This is our best earwax softener. It will virtually de-wax your ear and will treat most fungus conditions. Fungus can cause itching of the ear and some ringing. This oil lives up to its name. Use this oil for earaches and infections. Superb on sunburns. Good on any burn. Good on athlete's foot. Excellent pre-candling oil. Use on bug bites and skin irritations. Good for ingrown toenails.

Unicorn Horn Garlic Oil. Use for earaches and to soften earwax. Antiseptic, slightly anti-bacterial. Can relieve earache, this oil is specially formulated to be used in the ear. Can be used on children. Good for itching of the ear. Helpful for warts, diaper rash, infection, ringworm, and yeast infections. Beneficial to use on a weekly basis as a wax softener.

Candida Vambeata Ear Wash. Use after a shower or a swim. Anti-fungicide, antiseptic, anti-infective. Excellent anti-fungicide ear wash. Kills fungus and germs and disinfects. Excellent to use for and will Candida Albicans. Use for any fungus infestation of the ear. Use on feet and other places where fungus can grow. Will treat most fungus conditions. Best results if used in conjunction with Unicorn Horn Malelueca Bazooka Ear Oil and the Tea Tree Gold Ear Candles. Fungus can cause itching of the ear and some ringing.

Standard "Wax Gone" Ear Dewaxer. Use when needed for earwax. This unique combination dissolves and softens earwax. If earwax is the problem, this is an answer that works safely and well. This is a pleasant way to dewax your ears. The vitamin E is mixed in as a major ingredient so your ear canal is conditioned and soothed. The herbs Penny Royal (airy), Myrrh (healing) and Tea Tree (wax cutter), are wonderful for the ear canal. This is a super-moisturizing formula, a must for people who take frequent showers or swims. If itching of the ear canal is a problem this formula could help (one cause of itching is the need for moisturizing, another is old dry wax). It is an emulsion so shake very well before using.


Unicorn Horn has found that making ear candles out of 100 percent beeswax is the best. Beeswax is 20 to 30 times more expensive than paraffin waxes (candle wax), it is very hard to work with because of its sticky nature. But with a melt point of 150-degrees, it is nearer to our body temperature and more naturally compatible than paraffin waxes. Our Garden Delight Ear Oil dissolves beeswax residue inside the ear. That makes beeswax candles the natural choice.


What Happens When You Ear Candle?


There is a lot of misinformation circulating about ear candles. Many who make ear candles have no idea what an ear candle does and they misrepresent their products. That is unfortunate because the proper use of candling can bring real benefits. Unicorn Horn has tested hundreds of ear candles, both our own and every competitor's we have found on the markets. As of yet, we have not seen any candle with enough suction to lift earwax out of the ear, or to extract worms or fungi. We have yet to see any ear candle for human ears that will pick up even cigarette ash out of a sealed container (dram sized). So far as we can see, most, if not all, of our competition's claims along the lines of sucking wax out of the ear are false. Earwax is softened by the heat of the smoke, not sucked out. We welcome any competitor or private individual who can scientifically demonstrate ear candle's ability to suction wax from the ear.


We have found that the flame warms the air inside the ear candle and produces a gentle vacuum that ebbs and flows, creating pressure variations in the auditory canal. These pressure variations cause the opening in the throat from the inner ear to compensate, opening and closing. This then flexes the eardrum and tones it. This also can help to drain liquid off the inner ear. Skin divers use ear candling to help their ears adjust to the increased pressure found underwater. Most earaches can be helped by ear candling. Ear candling should be a very relaxing and soothing experience. These are real benefits, not stories made up to sell a product. Almost all the people who correctly use ear candles report they can hear better afterward. Unicorn Horn does not have all the answers as to the uses and benefits of ear candles, but we are researching and trying to find the answers.


Ear Wax

Your ears normally form quite a bit of wax, which coats the inside of the ear canal. Any dirt, insect life or other material, which gets into your ears sticks in this coating. When you chew your food, motion of the jaw milks the wax and trapped soilage out of your ear canal. Like the nose's mucous blanket, though, earwax sometimes dries out and accumulates. Dry wax causes considerable discomfort, itching, impaired hearing and upset stomach (because the same nerves supply both parts, the ear canal and the digestive organs). You can avoid all these problems by keeping your earwax from drying out or by removing accumulations when they occur. The eardrum is tissue thin and delicate, never put any object into the ear to dig out earwax, because you can damage the eardrum. Earwax is chemically a heavy oil, and softens when mixed with lighter cousins.


We have seen some of the best dewaxing oils there are anywhere. We have gathered a lot of information and thousands have used our products. The Wax Gone is a direct result of our ongoing research and testing. We decided a product all in one bottle would be a good marketing item. A product that didn't have a large herbal kick. In other words, a product that could be used weekly if not more often, and that would moisturize the ear canal.


As for how to use our other oils to dewax? The best dewaxer would be Malelueca Bazooka Ear Oil. It will dewax and lend the benefits of tea tree oil; it also has a liberal amount of vitamin E oil which helps moisturize the ear canal. There are two ways to go on a straight dewaxing. Best results vary between people.

1) Put 1/4 dropper Malelueca Bazooka Ear Oil in ear and them immediately put in 1/4 dropper of Herbal Magic Ear Wash. Let sit for five minutes. Empty ear canal.

2) Put in 1/2 dropper of Malelueca Bazooka Ear Oil. Let sit five minutes. Empty ear canal, then put in Herbal Magic Wash immediately or up to a half hour later.


The second best dewaxer oil would be Garden Delight Ear Oil. Use in the same fashions as described for Malelueca Bazooka. Our Garden Delight is a remarkable oil. It has super cleansing properties. It cleans the ear better than any oil we have seen anyplace. It's herbs are beneficial to the skin and the ear. Here is a test you can do with some Garden Delight Ear Oil: Put dirty car engine grease or just plain dirt all over your hands. Rub it in good so your hands are filthy dirty. Now fill the palm of your hand with Garden Delight Ear Oil and wash your hands with it, then wipe your hands on a paper towel. This is what we mean by a super cleansing oil. Nothing else on the market has such cleaning powers or at least nothing that you can put into your ear.


Smoke in the Ear


We believe that smoke in the ear will help stop the pain of earaches. That herbal smoke can make you hear better. That rue smoke can aid some forms of nerve deafness.


Unicorn Horn's Golden Rue ear candles are recommended for people who are hard of hearing or wear hearing aids. People who wear hearing aids need to dewax their ears before candling. We recommend our most active dewaxer combo for such people; #1 put 1/4 dropper Malelueca Bazooka Ear Oil and then immediately put in 1/4 dropper of Herbal Magic Ear Wash. Let sit for five minutes. Empty ear canal. Quite often those same people should use Candida Vambeata Ear Wash on a weekly basis thereafter.


American Indians crushed leaves of rue, which they rolled into a cigarette, the smoke then blown into the ear. This was supposed to be a cure for deafness. A jingle about it handed down by the Southwestern Indians sings in translation: "To cure the ear there is nothing like rue. And as a way to say no, there is nothing like silence."


Tobacco smoke was considered by American Indians to be an effective cure for earache, the smoke blown into the ear. The Chinese candled their ears and believed that the herbal smoke was a cure for various maladies. The Egyptians blew smoke through papaya stems into their ears for ear problems. The Mayan form of candling was more similar to our current methods; they believed the smoke would chase away evil spirits inside the head. These examples and others of smoke in the ear over the ages brings up the need for further research into this subject.


Unicorn Horn's Ongoing Research


We are actively researching and are the leading edge company in the development of herbal ear oils and herbal smoke for the ears. The use of herbal smokes and pressure variations on the inner ear and eardrum are of great interest to Unicorn Horn Inc. Our ear oils and washes are best on the market. Our ear candles are premium grade, handmade with the highest quality materials available. We make some of the best products in the world.


We have found Calendula, Garlic, Saint Johnswort, Tea Tree, Myrrh, Sage, Rue, Penny Royal, Clove, Ginger, Celery Seed, Carrot Seed, Marijoram Wild, Chamomile, Southern Wood and Horehound Extract to be effective in various fashions as smoke in the ears.


We are currently researching Goldenseal, Houseleek, Indian Tobacco and many other herbs and essential oils. Following up legends, folk cures and historic medicinal treatments takes time and effort. Our hope is to continually improve existing products and to find and bring out better methods and products.



• Better hearing.

• Earaches can be helped by ear candling.

• The toning of the ears.

• Sinuses can be helped by ear candling and the sinus massage.

• A very relaxing and soothing candling experience.

• Many people have reported a remission of deafness after using our ear candles.




The correct goals involved in the use of ear candles, oil and wash should be:

• A total wholelistic health approach to the ears.

• A program for washing and oiling the ears on a regular basis.

• To help the ear with essential herbal essences.

• To help sinus problems, earaches and fungus problems.

• To sharpen the hearing and promote good hygienic ear habits.

• To candle correctly, safely and for the right reasons.


Best Wishes

Unicorn Horn Inc. takes pride in our products and hopes everyone who purchases them have enjoyable and real beneficial results from using them.