Unicorn Horn   


Allows up to 10 years for a Common Stock Investor to analyze prior to owning stock at Founders Stock Prices!

Thank you for showing an interest in our R&D efforts to produce unique weather proof 23% conversion ratio Photovoltaic Solar Arrays, Organic Solar Technologies, Water Capture Systems, Miniature Rooftop Wind Turbines, Natural Solar-Hydro Turbin Energy Storage Systems, Small Portable Wind Turbines, Hydrokinetic Energy Generation, and Damless Hydroelectric.


Oil, Coal and Nuclear pollute the earth's environment; Damless Hydroelectric, Hydrokinetic Energy, Solar Energy and Wind Energy do not pollute the atmosphere or leave dangerous waste products.


Our Bacteria-Engineered Quantum Chemical Natural Health Technologies are amazing and work wonders.  

Our Limited Purpose Corporation holds sole title to all our technologies.  Unicorn Horn Inc.


If you are interested in one of our partnerships. Purchase a full activation for the Fountain of Vigor and Youth. Tell us at the time that you want to partner and in what partnership you are interested. You will receive your Fountain of Vigor and Youth and we will also begin the most profoundly amazing and lucrative partnership you will ever be involved with.





Real Estate Partnership #1
River Front Property
with a Blue Water Dock
If Willamette Falls Locks are working 
Zoned Residential, Business, Historic.


We think we can supply 100% of the power needs for the Cities of Portland and Oregon City with our revolutionary rolling bottom technology (simular to tidal technology). This technology works under water above the falls, turns a series of turbines that cross the river.

There is a better site just below Lake Oswego that could utilize 600 foot tall rolling turbines.  That site could power the whole state.  The cost of course would be much greater then the Willamette Falls site.

Please follow link below. Scroll down to the three River Walk design finalists. Time is running out to submit our plan. Need investor to step up:




This Deep Water site lends itself immediately to the mounting of smaller water turbine kinetic energy generators onto the the bottom of the existing dock. We would partition the Army Core of Engineers for piling permits to place vertical arrays. We would partisan the city government to allow us to place barges between the property and the new development of the Water Falls location to be used as floating sidewalks from the very top of the falls to our property, to be used for pedestrian foot traffic with a separate area for people powered wheeled vehicles and as a major generation of power (barge bottom and piling mounted large Hydrokinetic turbine arrays). This location is ready to connect to the cities power grid generated from the huge water fall area. This is the perfect location for this ground breaking green energy technology.


We would ask for Government subsidies that can be obtained for the implementation of small-scale hydro facilities through federal grants, namely green energy grants; a specific example is the Renewable Electricity Production Tax Credit. This is a federal tax credit aimed at promoting renewable energy resources. To qualify, the hydro source must have a minimum capacity of 150 kW. This subsidy is given for the first ten years of production. Organizations receive $.011/kWh. We would ad to our corporate staff a full time position of green energy grant writer and environmental advocate.





Partnership #1

Partnership Set Up Fee $3,000

Transferable if Deal Does Not Close





Pictures of the waterfall.  This property sits on the water directly above the falls. 











Partner on Real Estate Partnership #2

Partnership Set Up $100.00

Transferable if Deal Does Not Close





Real Estate Partnership #2 $2,525,000

BuyHeadqaurters building and property.  Install Solar and storage.  Total cost $2,525,000


Stage Two Real Estate Partnership #2

Develop beach mineral springs.  Buy a rubber tracked 800 pound rock lifter and stacker, digger.  Put in ATV wheeled solar arrays to heat the mineral springs.  Blow in 1000 yards of sand once mineral spring is drilled, dug out and solar pumps and piping is put into place.  Heat the bathing area to 105 degrees.  Put in cooling (swim) pond for water entering the river.  Put up two regulation beach sand volley ball courts and sponser coed and family none score full team games.  A full horse shoe court topside in the 300 ft. tall trees.  There is full action table tennis in the Great Room with 30 ft. ceiling in the lodge.  Put in 3 more bathrooms in the lodge.  Buy and maintain a dozen electric fat tire fully articulated pedal assist mountain bikes to travel up to Ramona Falls in.  Recharge bikes and electric cars on site with our produced solar power.

Buy a Chevy Bolt for trips into Portland.

Outcome would be the only lodge on Mt. Hood with a flowing mineral beachside hot spring and on site type 3 white water, just an electric bike ride away from Ramona Falls.  We would be fully self-sufficient energy wise and may be able to sell excess to our neighbors cheaper than the local utility.

Partnership runs the lodge, the hot springs, the electric fat tire mountain bike fleet, the digger rock stacker, rubber tracked machine, the onsite recreations, and the outside full log fire pits.


Unicorn Horn will have full ownership of the onsite riverside research and development building we currently reside in.  The pictures were taken on property.







Ramona Falls











Limited Partnership #3

Partnership Set Up Fee $500




Limited Green Energy
Research & Development 
Partnership #3


Research and Develop  


1.  Mini Wind generators. 

2.  Portable Hydrokinetic devices 

3.  Portable Solar Photovoltaic devices. 

4.  Large battery free energy storage for 10 to 100 homes.  This is local and is site specific. 

5.  Large damless hydro location.  This would generate electric power for 10+ homes.  This is local and site specific. 

6.  Key local riverside strategically located property purchase.  This property is not listed for sale.  We would need approach the current owners that do not use the property often.  This site borders the damless hydro location and national forest land (very key). The property may be able to be purchased for under ½ million (hopefully). This property is also key to the possible energy storage site. 

7.  Purchase the energy storage location.  Not sure who owns this site.  Might be National Forest Land and if so we would want to deal with the National Forest Service for the property use rights.  It also could be owned by a private individual who has logged the property.  The property is not currently for sale, so we would need approach the current owner.  

Looks like about 20 to 30 acres of logged, undeveloped hillside property and might be part of a additional 20 acre undeveloped but logged (clear cut) property.  This is not highly desirable property for residences or development and the valuable timber has been harvested.  There is only one access to the property and that is by a gated dirt road.


Set Up 

Investors form a limited partnership to develop Green Energy Devices aimed at the Home Owner as the end user.  We aim to develop Shallow Water Hydrokinetic energy devices, Wind Devices, Solar Arrays, Organic Solar and Roof Cap Solar. Buy-in is in $62,500 increments (1/4 unit). There is 49 limited partner units available. Unicorn Horn Inc has 50% of the assets of the Limited Partnership and is controlling partner. The Limited Partnership may seek government grants and could hire a grant writer. 

The Partnership will market their products directly to neighborhoods from every Health House Location Unicorn Horn Inc. acquires nationally. The Health House's will be powered 100% by self generated Green Energy. The Health House's will teach Free Green energy classes to the neighborhood.



Here is info on the new federal small hydropower siting rules.  This is a very favorable development for small scale hydro projects and will have a substantial effect on this partnership. 


Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013

September 18, 2014 - Item H-1: FERC Amends Regulations Pertaining to Preliminary Permits And Exemptions To Conform To The Enacted Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act Of 2013Order No. 800 PDF

January 16, 2014 - FERC Staff Briefs Commission on Implementation of the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013 PDF

January 6, 2014 - FERC Seeking Pilot Projects To Test Two-Year Hydro Licensing ProcessNews Release | Notice PDF

On August 9, 2013, President Obama signed into law the "Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act of 2013PDF. The Act, among other things:

(1) exempts certain conduit hydropower facilities from the licensing requirements of the Federal Power Act (FPA);
(2) amends Section 405 of the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 to define "small hydroelectric power projects" as having an installed capacity that does not exceed 10,000 kilowatts;
(3) authorizes the Commission to extend the term of preliminary permits once for not more than 2 additional years beyond the 3 years previously allowed under Section 5 of the FPA; and
(4) directs the Commission to investigate the feasibility of a 2-year licensing process for hydropower development at non-powered dams and closed-loop pump storage projects.

Please follow the links below for guidance on how to file a notice of intent to construct a qualifying conduit facility, an application for a small hydropower exemption, and an application to amend a preliminary permit term.


How to file a Notice of Intent to Construct a Qualifying Conduit Facility

How to file an Application for a Small Hydropower Exemption

How to file an Application to Extend the term of a Preliminary Permit    










Limited Partnership #4

Partnership Set Up Fee Free


World Class on Property Freshwater Salmon Fishing with Blue Water Access 

Interesting recreation opportunity investment with some very surprising natural health side benefits. 

This is a property that has extensive water frontage.

We wish to do green energy research and development on site. Money partner would receive a 1% interest in any products developed on property and have first choice of any partnership funding programs that we need to develop various products. 

Money partner would share as a 50% partner on any revenues taken in for the night to night rentals and any other revenues the property produces. 

We will try to negotiate the owner down in price and any difference between $2,850,000 and the closing price of this property would go into solar storage and solar panels, solar arrays, mini windmills and two electric car recharge stations. If there is sufficient monies after installing solar energy and storage we would buy a Chevy Bolt. The property and rental areas will be 100% energy self sufficient. 

No borrowed money can be used. No borrowing on the property or the property used as security for any other loans. 



Current Income from property rental


Current income from consessions


Total income:   $75,000

This is a 2.6% annaul return on invested capital which we think we can boost to 3% within the first year



We would save in the high current electric bills with our addition of green power.

We estimate we could boast fishing boat rentals and add kayak tours and clubs; boosting interest which would increase revenues. 

We would be doing research and development on various products and technologies and money partner receives a 1% interest in any products developed.

We have the best kayaking in America according to many publications