Unicorn Horn   


Ramona Falls Group







Ramona Falls Hiking, Natural Health and Raw Food Juicing Association!


Membership $500. Includes a new commercial masticating juicer.


Activities include:

April through October

Ramona Falls Hikes

LoLo Pass Area Hikes

After Hike get together raw food juicing and riverside barbeque (weather permitting). All foods brought need to be organic (locally derived when possible)

Mount Hood Picture Taking Adventures


All Year Long

Raw Food Preparation Classes

Organic Whole Grain and Sprouted Grain Bread Making Classes


Activities are based upon Unicorn Horn Inc controlled properties and all members are subject to property rules.


$10 reservation fee per person required to reserve a particular day. Reserving a week in advance is recommended


Activities are free.


All members are eligible for discounts on Unicorn Horn manufactured products.







Members consuming Alcohol or illegal drugs during association activities are subject to expulsion and loss of membership.