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Fountain of Youth


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Fountain of Youth

 The Fountain of Vigor & Youth is a Mega Bio-Available, Quantum Chemical, High Protein, Herbal, Vitamin Boost, 320 calorie per 1/3 qaurt (recommended serving size), no sugar (suitable for diabetics), Drink.

Fountain of Youth Products Are The Most Potent Anti-Aging and Vigor Building Products In The World Today!

All Fountain of Youth products are FOB Portland, Oregon.  Free delivery to the Portland/Vancouver metro areas.


1 Month - Full Dosage


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3 Months - Full Dosage $4000


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Husband + Wife


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Bring up to full dosage +
3 month full dosage

Instructional routine of

Power Walking Training
Raw Food Preparation
Cultured Drink Preparation
Sprouted Food
& Growing

This is the 'Home' 
version of 
"The Cure"

Unicorn Horn's

 Fountain of Youth


The Fountain of Vigor & Youth is a Mega Bio-Available, Quantum Chemical, High Protein, HerbalVitamin Boost, 320 calorie per 1/3 qaurt (recommended serving size), no sugar (suitable for diabetics), Drink.


Progressive Properties of   

 The Fountain of Youth


  1. Unicorn Horn's Fountain of Youth enters the body and passes through the Blood Brain Barrier.

  2.  Very Strongly Nourishing the Brain. All neurons are nourished.

  3. Strongly Stimulates and Nourishes, on a Cellular Level, the entire Autonomic Nervous System.

    1. The Autonomic Nervous system affects heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, salivation, perspiration, pupillary dilation, micurition (urination), and sexual arousal.

    2. Mega nourishes the Medulla Oblongata

    3. 'non-adrenergic and non-cholinergic' neurons are are stimulated and mega nourished.

  4. The Hypothalamus is very strongly and constantly stimulated.

  5. Cell walls in the entire cardiovascular system are mega nourished. 

  6.  The intestine walls are mega nourished and strengthened.

  7. Intestine Neurons are mega nourished.

    1. Intestine inner walls have as many neurons as a cat's brain.

  8. Normalizes Angiogenesis.

  9. The whole Endocrine System is stimulated and activated.

    1. Peripheral Endocrine Glands are activated.

    2. Products of metabolism, glucose, fatty acids, etc. normalize.

    3. Homeostasis resets and normalizes.

  10. Energy Levels dramatically increase.

  11. Arrests Apoptosis.

    1. Stimulates the cell production of protease inhibitors.

  12. Stops cell deterioration caused by oxygen free radicals.

  13. Dramatically Increases blood vessel nitric oxide gas production.

  14. Promotes healthy blood vessel flexibility and dilation.

  15. Supports endothelial vascular function.

    1. Vascular endothelial cell production is stimulated.

    2. Vascular smooth muscle normalization.

    3. Hemostasis normalization.

    4. Neutrophil recruitment enhanced.

    5. Hormome trafficking normalization.

  16. Relaxes blood vessels, capillaries and arteries.

  17. Helps keep blood vessels open and flowing.

  18. Promotes healthy blood pressure levels.

  19. Skin gains elasticity and tightens.

    1. Normalizes skin functions.

    2. Reduces and stops pimples.

  1. Appetite decreases slightly.

  2. Improves sexual desire and performance.

  3. Reverses the symptoms of aging.

  4. Full spectrum results within 3 months.

The Fountain of Youth  

 The Most Potent Anti-Aging Drink In Existance.

The Fountain of Youth & Vigor is a Clear Slightly Fruity Tasting, Herbal, Mega High Biologically Available Protein, Targeted Vitamin, 320Calorie, No Sugar (suitable for diabetics), Drink.

#1. Best Anti-Aging products in the world!

#2. Normalizes Angiogenesis. Naturally increases blood vessel nitric oxide gas production for signaling between cells in your body.  Promotes healthy blood vessel flexibility and dilation. Helps support healthy blood pressure levels.  Helps your 60,000 miles of blood vessels, capillaries and arteries stay relaxed and open for blood flow.  Promotes improvement and helps support endothelial vascular function.

#3. Strengthens the immune system.

The endothelium is the thin layer of cells that lines the interior surface of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, forming an interface between circulating blood or lymph in the lumen and the rest of the vessel wall. The cells that form the endothelium are called endothelial cells. Endothelial cells in direct contact with blood are called vascular endothelial cells whereas those in direct contact with lymph are known as lymphatic endothelial cells. 

Vascular endothelial cells line the entire circulatory system, from the heart to the smallest capillaries. These cells have very distinct and unique functions that are paramount to vascular biology. These functions include fluid filtration, such as in the glomeruli of the kidney, blood vessel tonehemostasisneutrophil recruitment, and hormone trafficking. Endothelium of the interior surfaces of the heart chambers are calledendocardium.


Quantum Phytochemical Technologies

  Phytochemical Formula #1

Green Smash 

Ginger 2 ½ to 3oz
Radish 5oz
Mung Bean Sprouts 12oz
Cucumber 25oz
Zucchini 9oz
Brussels Sprouts 3 ½ oz 

Makes 2 qaurts.   Use this on-screen tutorial.













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