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the “Cure”


The Cure is designed to be used continuously for 4 to 6 months.  The Cure can be used continuously for up to 12 months.  Then the body should reset for 6 months.  

Heart symptoms should be 60% to 70% gone in 4 months, 70% to 80% in 6 months, 100% in 12 months.

The immediate manifestation of the Cure is the burning of stored body fat. This happens immediately upon reaching full dosage.  

Expect to loss 3% of your total body weight each month for the first 4 months (more if you are obese).  

Expect to loss 2 1/2% of your total body weight each month in month 5 and 6 (more if you are obese).  

Expect to loss 1/2% of your total body weight each month in months 7-12 (More if you are obese).   

If you are lean (very little body fat); you will loss much less weight, if any at all.

 100% Money Back Warranty!

$150 per Day







Unicorn Horn Inc's


Live In Resident Retreat

Includes Daily CURE Dosage

Includes Daily Raw Food Preparation Instruction 

Cultured Food Preparation Instruction   

Includes Daily Power Walks (weather permitting) 

Includes weekly fresh bread baking!

Includes Natural Soap Making Instruction!

Includes Private Room

Includes All Recommended Supplements

Includes All Food  

Includes Careful Occasional Use of your Automobile 

Expect a Rustic River Side Mountain Location 


 100% Money Back Warranty!

Room, Board & suppliments $3,500 portion is not refundable.  We will refund the $4,000 for the Cure.

$7500 per Month

The "Cure" retails for $7500 per month for a live in which includes private room, organic meals, bio-available vitamins, supplements, herbals, and careful use of your car.  Live-ins must be friendly, tidy, law abiding, and not hinder employees.  The City allows one live in employee per each home based business location.  The Live-in will be hires as an employee of Unicorn Horn Inc. and be expected to do 3 hours of gardening, and herbal yard care daily,m weather permitting (3 hours daily of indoor work if weather is inclement).  Valid drivers license required.





the “Cure”

Is a virtually tasteless, Crystal Clear, Mega Bio-available High Protein, Mega Vitamin with a major portion of Herbs, low calorie (73 calories), kosher (if made by our Jewish Employee), no sugar (suitable for diabetics), Drink. 

If spilled (exposed to oxygen) it takes on the characteristics and texture of Human Blood, including the color and resulting stains. 

The Endocrine System needs to be activated (full spectrum) prior to going onto the "Cure". Unicorn Horn's Fountain of Youth will reach full spectrum Endocrine System activation within 3 months.


Progressive Properties of

the “Cure” 

  1. The “Cure” enters the body and passes through the Blood Brain Barrier.

  2. Strongly nourishing the Brain. All neurons are nourished.

  3. Blood Chemistry Changes.

  4. Rapid body fat reduction commences.

  5. Energy Levels and Well Being increase.

  6. Shuts off the food supply for Cancer that is nourished from the Human Blood Stream.

  7. The Hypothalamus is constantly stimulated.

  8. The intestine walls are nourished and strengthened.

  9. Intestine Neurons are nourished.

    1. Intestine inner walls have as many neurons as a cat's brain.

  10. Body fat is triggered to be consumed by the brain.

  11. Appetite decreases.

  12. Gently dissolves plaque in the whole cardiovascular system.

  13. The Bodies care giver response is triggered at the cellular level.

  14. Strengthens cell walls.

  15. Triggers antioxidant heightened activity.

  16. Repairs some DNA cell damage, cleans cell debris.

    How Do You Know the "Cure" is working? 

    The first indication that the “Cure” is working is the weight loss. The doctors pick up on that immediately. I had blood work done by my doctors and there were some changes in the composition of cholesterol. There is some drop in blood pressure. The real indication that the “Cure” is working is your heart disease symptoms go away. For myself that meant that my angina decreased and over 4 months went totally away. My shortness of breath improved and then went totally away over 4 months. The periodic irregular heart beat improved and was the slowest to totally normalize over 9-12 months; it could be that the heart was compensating for the improved blood flow. Exercise helped (daily walking and the gym workout 2 to 3 times a week) tremendously.

    The Fountain of Youth and the “Cure” do not demand that you eat a vegetarian diet. What both demand is that you read food labels at the grocery store. Eat only organic food, including meat, eggs, poultry, fruits, vegetables and fish. Consume no GMO's. Buy locally sustainable foods when possible. Never eat anything with hydrogenation as part of the product (man made to preserve shelf life, but your cardiovascular system can not eliminate, so builds up and eventually is lethal). Do not eat MSG or glutamates which are used in 80% of all processed foods to inhance flavor.  Do not injest Aspartane.  Cut back on refined sugar.  Cut back on sodium.  Go off daily aspirin and replace that aspirin with 800 I.U. of vitamin E (I get my vitamin E at Costco). Take Hawthorn Extract 300 mg, Hawthorn Berry 200 mg and 200 mcg Selenium each time you take the vitamin E.

    How does one get started? 

    Easy start with the above items. Walk a mile per day (walk 2 miles if on a treadmill), make walking part of your daily routine.  Drink 32 oz of room temperature charco filtered water upon awaking in the morning, wait 45 minutes prior to eating.  Now you are ready to go onto the Fountain of Youth.  This is life changing.

    Go onto the Fountain of Youth. Take for 3 months at recommended full dosage. It will take a few weeks to get to the recommended dosage to reach full spectrum. Once you are at the full dosage then continue for the three months. This will change your life radically. Your endocrine system will become fully activated for the first time since your mid twenties. It is true that the longer that you remain on the Fountain of Youth the more benefits a fully activated Endocrine System provides. You will start feeling benifits the first week of full dosage and the benifits will increase the longer you are taking the Fountain of Youth. Even the few weeks working up to the full dosage you will feel it's effects. Your body is starving on the cellular level; your Autonomic Nervous System is drastically under nourished. Your body will love this stuff (it is the food of life).

    MSG & Aspartame 

    At this time I would like to explain why No MSG & No Aspartame. I will not get very technical so this should not be too boring. 

    Aspartame stimulates the brain. The “Cure” targets portions of the brain that Aspartame stimulates. This is so fundamental that it will negatively affect the “Cure”. Aspartame use must be stopped prior to the use of the “Cure”.

    MSG interferes with the “Cure”; specifically the brains fat reading receptors. This is so fundamental that it will negatively affect the “Cure”. MSG use must be stopped prior to the use of the “Cure”.

    MSG is labeled creatively by Food Companies and is used along with Free Glutamates to enhance flavor in about 80% of American processed foods in restaurants & grocery stores! 

    Here are 10 examples of MSG Labeling that I know of:

    1. Hydroyzed Soy Protein

    2. Free Glutamic Soy Protein

    3. Sodium Caseinate

    4. Hydrolized Vegetable Protein

    5. Maltodextrin

    6. Soy Protein Isolate

    7. Whey Protein Concentrate

    8. Autolyzed Yeast Extract

    9. Citrate

    10. Monoammonian Gluyamate