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Aktivated Barley - Powder 280g

Aktivated Barley - Powder 280g

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400% more energy potential than non-sprouted barley. Exceptionally high beta-glucan content for greater effectiveness in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels Immunity-building properties. Highly concentrated nutritional profile Complex (slow-burning) carbohydrates with a low glycemic index delivers energy for 2-3 hours Approval from the Diabetes resource center as a safe and effective food source.

Used as a meal replacement, weight loss aid or nutritional supplement 280 gram powder Barley grain has a long history as an effective “energy food” for ancient athletes and soldiers. Roman and Greek foot soldiers consumed it while marching across continents. Ancient Greek and Roman physicians used specially activated barley as a life-saving breast-milk substitute for babies unable to nurse. The original Olympic competitors downed a cup of barley before each event. Roman for “people who eat barley,” gladiators also used barley to boost performance and endurance. Today, this unique Akivated Barley plays a role in the United Nation’s famine relief efforts.

You too can access the benefits of this super-nutritious, easily digestible power food in a convenient, dissolvable powder.  Activated Barley can be mixed with juice, green drink or a smoothie. It makes a highly nutritious drink that can compliment any health program. Grown organically and activated with a patented pre-sprouting process.

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