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Manufacturers of the Most Potent Anti-Aging Products in the World!

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Proud to present Health Products, since 1990.  Our products are available at selected Health Stores, and Exclusively at this Online Store  

Home of The Vital Boost

Home of the Fountain of Youth

Home of the "Cure" for Heart Disease

Home of the "Cure" for Obesity

Daily Delight Anti-Aging Formula

Unicorn Horn Inc is a Champion Juicer Dealer

Anti-Aging, Weight Management
Vitamins & Supplements, Green Foods, Super Foods
Herbs, Amino Acids, Extracts
Antioxidants, Probiotics, Phytomedicines
• Herbal Remedies for Natural and Homeopathic Medicine
Ear Oils, Ear Wash, Ear Products

We make the most Potent Anti-Aging Products in the World!

We have developed Solar, Mini Wind Turbine and and Water Capture Technologies.  We are pioneering stored solar energy systems that are battery free.

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 Unicorn Horn Solar

a division of Unicorn Horn Inc.


Developer of Innovative Solar Energy

Development of Groundbreaking Wind Energy

Design and manufacturer of Rain Water Capture Systems

Two Stage Rain Water Storage Energy Systems