Unicorn Horn   

Anti-Aging Health Products

Manufacturers of the Most Potent Anti-Aging Products in the World!


Unicorn Horn Inc.

We make the most Potent Anti-Aging Products in the World!  


We Have Developed a product that Dissolves Plaque Inside the Human Cardiovascular System and can prevent 98% of all Heart Disease.  


We Have Developed Products that prevent Adult Onset Diabetes.  


We Have Developed A Product That Eliminates Obesity.


We Manufacture The Best natural ear products in the world.

We are developing Solar, Mini Wind Turbine, Hydrokinetic Devices and Water Capture Technologies.  We are pioneering stored solar energy systems that are battery free.  We are pioneering in Duel Solar and Wind Stand Alone Systems.

Good Health and Happiness 
Unicorn Horn. Inc.


 Unicorn Horn Solar

a division of Unicorn Horn Inc.


Developer of Innovative Solar Energy

Development of Groundbreaking Mini Wind Energy

Dam Free Hydo Energy

Hydrokinetic, Dam Free, Energy Devices

Design and manufacturer of Rain Water Capture Systems

Two Stage Rain Water Storage Energy Systems  



We are Actively Trying To Develop Green Energy Solutions at Unicorn Horn Inc. 


Unicorn Horn Inc is a Natural Health and Green Energy Research and Development Company founded in 1990 in Conyers, Georgia, dedicated to Green Energy, the Manufacture of proprietary Natural Healing Products and the Neighborhood Teaching of Green Energy Off Grid Solutions and various Raw Food, Sprouted Food, Cultured Food & Cultured Drink classes. We have moved onto Mt. Hood last Spring. 


Unicorn Horn Inc. has Two Divisions:


1.  Energy:


Solar Energy: We are pursuing cutting edge Solar Energy Technology with a goal of providing 100% recyclable photovoltaic, low cost, organic technologies made in America. We are Striving For a photovoltaic system payback of less then 1 year!


Solid Synthetic Fuel: We Have Developed a Solid Fuel that can run a 4x4 SUV for a penny a mile.


Green Energy: We are Actively Developing Mini Wind, Small Scale Damless Hydro Power and Portable Hydrokinetic Power.


Energy Storage: We Have Developed battery free Solar Energy Storage!


2.  Natural Health:


We at Unicorn Horn Inc Have Developed extreme health building techniques, products, procedures and formulas. Our expertise centers in anti-aging and disease prevention products, which we manufacture. Phytochemical Interactions, Quantum Chemical Formulation, Protein Therapy, Internal & External Water Therapy, Bacteriological manufacturing, Advanced Yeast Technology and Daily Routine Light Exercise and Walking are our main tools.


Unicorn Horn Inc wish's to be instrumental in Eliminating Heart Disease, Adult On Set Diabetes, Obesity and Cancer as the major killers of Americans. We have invented the products to achieve these lofty goals.


Unicorn Horn believes in healthy living, family recreation, group coed sport activities, light daily exercise and walking. We manufacture the most potent Natural anti-aging products in the world.  


~John Adams, 1776





Unicorn Horn Inc is not advocating a political candidate with this video, but rather the very serious threat to the American Political System. 



Political Orientation:



Unicorn Horn Inc will be Politically Active and 100% Transparent. The Citizens United Supreme Court Ruling Allows unbridled political contributions from corporations.


Here are our 10 Political Interests:


  1. We advocate the implementation of a 100% Death Tax Levied by the Federal Government and used to Retire the Federal Debt. We advocate The Elimination of the Federal Personal Income Tax System.

    A. $5,000,000 per child can be passed and inherited tax free (pegged to 2015 American currency value).

    B. Family Home and two vacation homes can be passed tax free.

  2. We Vehemently Advocate the Protection of Mother Earth's Ecological Systems.

  3. We advocate the Breaking Up of To Big To Fail Corporations.

  4. We advocate making the Supreme Court Justices a Elected Position.

  5. We Advocate the forming of a 51st State from parts of Southern Oregon, Northern California and Northern Nevada.

  6. We Advocate that we have a Right To Know what is in our food and that Genetically Modified Foods Need to be Labeled. We are against GMO's being released into the ecological system without 20 years testing and a full congressional debate and vote.

  7. We Advocate the Elimination of the Electoral System.

  8. We Advocate the Return to A Gold Backed System where for each 100  dollars that the United States Prints that 1 dollar in gold will be held.

  9. We Advocate the Disbanding of All the United States Military Organizations. We Advocate State Sponsored Citizen Militia Organizations and a armed citizen population.

  10. We Advocate the Removal of All Nuclear Weapons From The Earth.




This is quite a political list and has no meaning unless: Unicorn Horn Inc becomes a Billion Dollar a year company. 





Unicorn Horn Inc R&D Lab's wild breeding pair of Brooks Ducks. These ducks are endangered and located only in the Pacific Northwest's Cascade Mountain Range.


Video taken 4-12-15 at the R&D Labs river frontage.


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